Wh a t happens when Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity meet?


Open your eyes. To open up to new possibilities.

When it was still easy to take a plane, our crew travelled Europe (and not only) to reach scientists, designers and creative talents to whom to pose just one question: “What happens when Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity meet? ”

That interests us because creativity comes from all of us, not just the art world. Artificial Intelligence comes from all of us too: in our pockets we keep a smartphone that’s more powerful than the mega-computers which had humankind arriving on the moon.
The answers yielded scenarios, ever in flux, and they pose new challenges: that’s right, because artificial intelligence is changing our society. It’s changing us.

From all this, a docufilm arose that speaks of creativity and creative processes, datasets and algorithms, ethics and emotions, but also of biases and black-boxes - the dark side of AI that’s worth unmasking. And of course, there’s artificial intelligence in it too. A documentary that enriches its take on AI with actions, hitherto unseen, that catch us off guard. That have something to say which isn’t taken for granted. That get us thinking. That have us up close and personal with AI while always reminding us how wonderful human creativity is.

There’s only one way of knowing AI: being curious

The documentary bases itself upon a very simple energy: curiosity. The desire to better understand and know what occurs when AI and human creativity meet, collide. The docufilm’s narrative map remains centered upon the theme of creativity, around which conversations with its interviewee experts are woven. The story is fluid, in sync with AI’s multidimensional fluidity:

If they [the machines] classify something they say “well, whatever you showed me is very likely in this position, in that space and you told me that in this position of that space if it’s there then it’s a dog. But it also could be 10% of a cat and you have to decide.” Mario Klingemann


9 viewpoints to place AI within focus.

For those who design, for those who do art, for those who reflect. AI is for everyone.

An interdisciplinary panel of experts leads us in reflecting upon ways AI and human creativity are managing to collaborate. It’s also inside all of those areas that, unexpectedly, we’re invited to take decisions in order to live in a more equal, more participative society.